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Music Emotions® Symphonic Pop Orchestra (MESPO) is an ensemble composed of symphonic orchestra instruments accompanied by an electrical piano, percussions and an actual electric BAND.

Our musicians are all amateurs that pursue a musical formation or who have already completed it.

Our goal
To offer musicians the opportunity to develop and grow in the field that affects the heart the most: Music.

Our repertoire
‘Mespo’ plays all different sorts of music. The repertoire ranges from classical to musical comedies to pop, rock, and also film music from Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Grease, Pirates of the Carribean, Lord of the Rings, The Phantom of the Opera and Mission Impossible.

Also, we often tend to lean towards the popular styles such as Les Lacs du Connemara, Les Magnolias, Hommage to Edith Piaff, an Abba medly, Bryan Adams, Eros Ramazzotti, Michael Jackson or Gloria Estefan. As you can see, we offer a program for each of your wishes.

Our conductor: Philippe Van den Hoek
Philippe Van den Hoek is proud to have the leadership of Music Emotions ® Pop Symphonic Orchestra. He is the founder of the orchestra. (2001) In professional life, Philippe is a professor of music at several schools and has accompanied famous singers such as Crucke Koen, Lee Towers, Jeanine Martoni, Marko Bakker and Peter Koelewijn.

Our offers
Are you organizing a walking dinner for your acquaintances? Is your company having its personnel party? Does the opening of your new store need a little more animation? Are you looking for a musical program to entertain dinner guests?

For all these occasions and many more, Music Emotions ® Symphonic Pops Orchestra offers the maximum!

Contact us without obligation and ask for our offers and conditions!